they make it with lard

they make it with lard

What did we learn down in Natchitoches?  Well, let me count the ways…

1.  Meat pies significantly overrated.  Unless you’re a heart surgeon looking for business.  Phil Hansen and I (understanding we had to work a full day on what we had in our stomach) split one while the other guys went whole hog on the meat pies.  And I do mean whole hog.  They use all kinds of pork cuts and fry the things in hog fat.  I’m still scraping the lard off my tongue.

2.  Business ethics still dead and well in LA.  Hurricane refugees at our hotel were paying a higher price than the general public.  No joke.

3.  About the game.  Hard to tell what was more overrated, NW QB Vinson or the meat pies.  He’s a great athlete, not a great quarterback.  Fix must have been in for him to best 300 yards against LA Monroe.  Understand, though, that Bison D made him look bad, too.

4.  We saw the arrival party of Kole Heckendorf.  The 3rd best play of the night was one that never made the hilites because the officials ruled him out of bounds early in his run after catch.  Find me sometime and ask me about it.

5.  The best 2 plays by the way were the second Mays interception and the Shamen punt return, in that order.

6.  Scott Walter and Bobby Babich have become very solid players.  Playing smartly in a good system and making things happen.  Good for them, they’ve heard enough about how theyr’e not good enough.

7.   Defensive line got my vote for MVP Saturday night.  They were fantastic, and didn’t get much of a break.

8.  Kolpack brings up good stuff on TV games.  They’re harder than heck to do, because they’re spendy.  Tough to make money, and the boss men care about that.  Plus there’s a limit to how much network programming you can pre-empt.  Will the business community buy ads?  That’s the million dollar question.

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