Nick DeLuca and the Combine Media

Nick DeLuca and the Combine Media

Here is the transcript from Nick DeLuca’s session with the media attending the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Thanks to former Forum scribe and Florida Times-Union NFL beat writer Ryan O’Halloran for the text.

Q: Has this been more fun that listening to a bunch of spoiled writers complain about the lunch sandwiches?

A: “It’s been great. I think it’s a really good experience, good exposure. Being a small-school guy, definitely getting out here and being able to compete at the highest level is a good thing.”

Q: When did you think it was realistic that they’d let you into this place without buying a ticket?

A: “I’d say a couple years into my college career.”

Q: Was your 2016 season as bad as the roads here are in Indy?

A: “It was definitely frustrating going into what I thought was going to be my senior year and, the opening game, hurting my shoulder and having to get a redshirt. It was a lot of adversity. Having to take a step back and see things from a different perspective really helped me mature as a player and a teammate.”

Q: You were awesome in playoff games against the FCS teams. Why?

A: “Just preparation. It’s something we pride ourselves on at NDSU. I’ve really always focused on my preparation. Being confident with my prep going into a week makes me feel a lot better, more confident, can play faster. That’s something that’s been instilled in me.”

Q: What was your experience at the Senior Bowl?

A:  “It was a great experience, just like it is here. Being a small-school guy, being able to compete and have the platform to compete at the highest level, that was a great week for me. I thought it really helped me. I felt more comfortable going into the Combine.”

Q Was the speed of the game must have been as much of a shock as the weather?

A: “I felt good from the get go. It was a great experience to compete at that level. Not consistently seeing that type of talent on the field at the FCS level. We play in a great conference in the Missouri Valley and we get everybody’s best game, but it’s definitely a step up playing at the Senior Bowl.”

Q: How did you end up at NDSU?

A: “Being an in-state guy, I grew up always wanting to play for Nebraska. That’s all we have there. There are no pro teams. It didn’t work out but my path took me a different way, and I couldn’t have been happier with where I ended up. Here I am now. It all worked out.”

Q: What’s the oddest question, or is this the oddest question?

A: “Just defining what your biggest weakness is. That’s something no one wants to admit and come to terms with, but you have to find a way to articulate that and explain it as best you can.”

Q: For fans who haven’t watched you play, which is a handy way of saying, “I’ve never seen you play and probably never will see you play, but please tell me your style?

A: “Physical, instinctual player. That’s something I pride myself on is being able to read plays and attack them and diagnose them and make the tackle.”

Q: Who do you like to watch?

A: “Luke Kuechly is a guy I love watching – and I’m sure a lot of linebackers here. He’s the best of the best. I take little things from his game and mold them into my own.”


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